Betta Sorority Pack (5 Fish)

Betta Sorority Pack (5 Fish)

Betta Sorority Pack (5 Fish)

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Be sure to read the "Shipping Live Fish FAQ" page prior to ordering to ensure a safe arrival for your new pets.

These are hand selected Female Bettas chosen by Lisa and sold in a pack of 5 fish. Buying the "Sorority Pack" saves you at least $40 as apposed to buying them individually. 

These hand picked fish will be 5 different female Bettas that are similar in age and size to increase the chances of of success. Betta Sororities can be very challenging due to the fishes natural instinct to fight each other but we've found the chances of success are far greater if the fish are around the same age and size.

Due to the risky nature of Betta Sororities KGTropicals/KeepFishKeeping can not guarantee the success of the group, the customer purchasing the pack must understand that the fish may not "get along" and should be prepared to separate the fish in the event that they begin fighting each other.

KGTropicals/KeepFishKeeping guarantees live arrival of the fish to your home but once they are introduced to each other it is the customers responsibility to ensure the fish get along well together. We strongly recommend doing as much research as possible into keeping a Betta Sorority prior to purchasing.

If you purchase a Betta Sorority pack Lisa will select 5 fish and will do her best to select 5 of the best females we have in inventory, however we're unable to take requests as to the fish in the pack. is working with what we believe is the best breeder of show quality Bettas on planet earth. Our fish are kept in our facility in 1/2 gallon cubes which is approximately 10 times the size of the cups you see in many pet stores. This give the fish plenty of space to explore and exercise. Each cube has waste removed each day and receives a 50% water change twice per week to ensure the water quality is pristine. You can rest easy knowing your new pet has been well taken care of and will be happy and healthy for years to come.

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Betta Sorority Pack (5 Fish)
Sale price $99.99 Regular price $110.00 Save $10.01
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