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Bettas get bored easily, with this bundle you'll have everything you need to give your Betta fun things to interact with and thrive. Save $1.50 by buying this bundle.

About the ZooMed Exercise Mirror

Enhance your Betta or other small fish aquarium with Betta Bling decorations designed by Zoo Med! The Betta Bling Mermaid with Hoop is a beautiful, unique addition for any aquatic habitat. With is bright colored design, it will standout amongst other decorations!

Your Betta or other small fish will love swimming in and out of the hoop, ensuring they are active and happy. Easily attach this pretty lady and her hoop to any glass wall with the included suction cup! 2.25" x 1.25" x 3.75"

About the ZooMed Window Leaf Betta Plant

Zoo Med's Window Leaf Betta Plant is a highly realistic looking plastic plant for use in betta bowls and tanks. The plant includes a suction cup base for easy attachment to tank bottoms, walls and sides. This fake plant always stays green and requires minimal maintenance and is an attractive decor to add to your aquarium.

About the ZooMed Betta Hammock

Give your sweet little friend somewhere to rest! What better place to rest than a hammock?
  • Allows your Betta to rest near the surface of the water just like they do in nature.
  • Attaches to Betta Enclosure with suction cup (included).

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