What's This All About?

Hey everyone, John here,

 I wanted to write this to inform you of what this new "Helpful Articles" section is all about, give you some insight into why we've brought the website back and make you aware of what you can expect not only from this Blog page but also the "Helpful Videos" page and product pages.

 When Lisa and I started KGTropicals back in 2011 our mission was the same as it is now. Things might look a little different and we may offer different things but our goal is still the same, keep fish keepers fish keeping.

 I don't have any data to back up my hypothesis but I believe very strongly that our hobby looses more people every year than it gains. People join our amazing hobby every day on impulse and set up their first aquarium with no knowledge on how it works or what they can expect. Things go well for a while but then the inevitable happens, if you're an experienced fish keeper you know exactly what I'm talking about. The water turns cloudy, the fish start dying off and things just start falling apart and this new fish keeper has no idea what to do.

 In my opinion one of 2 things happen. The first is the fish keeper just says awe screw it, this is too much and quits. The second is the fish keeper turns to the internet to get information on what to do. Once the 2nd example turns to the internet things get interesting. The amount of information that's available is confusing and overwhelming. It is THIS MOMENT that I believe is the make or break moment for this persons potential future in the hobby. If it's too much they bail and say "I don't get it" or they weed through all of the information, figure things out and continue on in this beautiful lifestyle.

 Our hope is that when the new fish keeper looking for information get's on the internet to solve his/her problems it's us he finds. Our goal is to create content that explains this hobby easily and clearly and get's the new fish keeper through the trials and tribulations of learning fish keeping, hence Keep Fish Keepers Fish Keeping.

 As our website evolves you'll find more and more easy to understand content added to this "Helpful Articles" section as well as the "Helpful Videos" section which is where we'll embed videos from our YouTube channel (KGTropicals).

 Lisa and I are not the foremost experts on fish keeping, what we are is two passionate people who understand how powerful this hobby is and how it can positively impact our life and mental health and we'd like to share that with the world.