About us

 In 2011 John and Lisa Hudson wanted to take their passion for fish keeping to the next level by starting KGTropicals. KGTropicals was originally an African Cichlid breeding and retail company but has seen quite the evolution over the years. We've gone from breeding fish in our garage, to a retail store location, back to our home but the mission has always stayed the same, provide the fish keeping community with no nonsense common sense advice and products to thrive in this beautiful hobby.

 At keepfishkeeping.com you'll find the best of the best. The best fish food, the best products and more importantly the best advice possible to help you achieve the most rewarding fish keeping experience possible. 

 Every product shown and sold on keepfishkeeping.com is hand picked by John and Lisa because we believe it is what will help you to take the guess work out of the hobby. With almost 30 years of combined experience in the fish keeping hobby people have come to appreciate John and Lisas common sense approach to fish keeping. You can trust that if there is a product on this website it's a product that you will be certain to be successful with!!