Shipping Policies and FAQs



We're very sorry but unfortunately we're unable to ship snails outside of the United States. 

Shipping Polices

- / KGTropicals ships live snails every Monday and Tuesdays. We only ship these days to protect against delays in shipping. If we ship on a Thursday and there is a delay your fish would not arrive to your home until the following week. We pack our snails well but allowing them to be in the box 5-6 days is simply too risky.

- Tracking information will be sent to the customer when the shipping label is created and we recommend monitoring this closely so as to ensure you will be available to receive the package when it is delivered. Most issues with shipping live snails occur from the delivery being made early in the day and the package is left at the front door all day exposed to the elements. Be sure you are available to receive the package to ensure the safety of your new pet.

Things to consider prior to placing your order:

- When it comes to shipping live snails through the postal service weather is always a concern. Most serious weather can easily be avoided simply by paying close attention to your local weather forecast. If the forecast calls for a foot of snow in 2 days it might not be a good idea to order your snails now. If you order snails and then discover there is bad weather expected we'll do our best to help, simply email us at and alert us to the situation, we can delay shipping until the weather is clear.





Our Guarantee

- Your new fish will be delivered to you alive guaranteed, there are only a few exceptions to this. Our guarantee only applies to " "Priority Mail" through the USPS ONLY IF THE SHIPMENT IS 2 DAYS. When you are in the "Shipping" section at check out the system will tell you the days it will take for the package to arrive to your home. If the system states "2 days" or less we guarantee live arrival. IF THE SYSTEM STATES "3 DAYS" WE WILL NOT GUARANTEE LIVE ARIVAL. 


Dead On Arrival Policy

  • I wish I could tell you that there’s never been a snail that didn’t survive the trip to a customer but unfortunately I’d be lying, it’s very rare but it happens. We at go to great lengths to ensure your new pet has a safe trip but if the unthinkable happens we’ll take care of you, as long as the following procedures are followed.
  • must be contacted within 1 hour of the shipment being delivered. This will be verified using the tracking information. If your package was delivered at 10 AM but you didn’t get home and unbox the fish until 5 PM we can not issue credits. The snails must be received and acclimated to their new aquarium as soon as possible from the delivery.
  • If the box is opened and the snails are DOA the customer is to take a photo of the dead snails in the bag and email it to within 2 hours of the delivery.
  • has no control over the quality of water in your aquarium and it is because of this that we’re unable to warranty the snails after it enters your aquarium. 
  • If snails are DOA and a photo of the deceased fish is sent to within 2 hours of delivery a credit will be issued to the customer for the cost of the snails.  Shipping costs are not credited or refunded.
  • The credit can be used to purchase more snails or any other products offered on but it will be the customers responsibility to pay the shipping costs on the follow up order.