How will my plants be shipped?

We ship plants in a well insulated package and will utilize heat packs or cold packs depending on the weather conditions.

When will my plants ship?

We ship plants Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays only. The reason for this is we utilize Priority Mail Shipping through The United States Postal Service. This form of shipping is usually 2 days which would mean if we shipped on Thursday or Friday the package would be stuck in the post office over the weekend.

Orders placed Monday-Wednesday before 2 PM EST will ship the same day in most cases. 

Orders placed after 2 PM EST Wednesday through Sunday will ship the following Monday.

How do I acclimate my plants once I receive them?

Acclimation of plants is simple. Remove them from their rock wool pot, remove as much of the rock wool as possible and plant the plant in your substrate or in the case of rhizome plants attach it to a rock or driftwood, that's it. Plants are very resilient and will adapt to their surroundings very quickly. Adding root tabs or liquid fertilizer can greatly speed up this process.

Are your plants snail free?

There are two answers for this, yes and no.

Every aquarium plant retailer on earth wishes they could guarantee their plants to be snail free, unfortunately this is impossible to guarantee. We work very hard to remove any snails found in our system or on any plants when they're found but unfortunately these little guys can slip through the cracks from time to time.

We inspect each and every plant prior to shipping to make sure they're as clean as possible. 

If you are worried about the potential of snails we recommend quarantining your plants prior to planting them in your main display tank. If snails do appear in your tank they are completely harmless and can even be an asset to your aquariums ecosystem but we understands they can be unsightly.

The only way to ensure there will never be a threat of snails we recommend Tissue Culture (1-2 GROW) plants. These are young plants that have literally been grown under laboratory conditions and are guaranteed to be snail free.

I've heard Tropica Plants are grown immersed, is this bad?

No, in fact this isn't something you need to worry about for one simple reason, we've fully submerged our plants already so if there is any transition period needed it's already been done for you.

Should I quarantine new plants?

Any time you're adding something new to your display aquarium it's always a good idea to quarantine it prior to adding it. 

Quarantining your new addition will ensure there are no snails, pests or any other contaminates added to your display. We've never heard of any issues with plants that have not been quarantined but again, the safest route is to quarantine ANYTHING new added to your aquarium.