Will my plants look exactly like the picture?

The simple answer is yes and no. The photos on each product page are an example of what a mature plant will look like. This is what you can expect the plant to look like once it has grown and filled in. 

When we purchase plants from Tropica they are shipped directly from the farm. Sometimes they are smaller, younger plants while other times they are larger more mature plants. We as the retailer are at the mercy of what Tropica has available at the time and what they send us.

We sell a lot of plants, we are the fastest growing retailer of Tropica plants in the United States and because of this every week we're ordering hundreds of plants. Sometimes we completely empty the North American farm and the only plants they have left are on the smaller side. This doesn't mean they're bad and doesn't mean they're not valuable, it just means they need a little more time to reach their full potential.

We see this as a good thing. When you buy fish at the pet store you are almost always buying juveniles and part of the enjoyment of this hobby is watching them grow and thrive. We look at plants the same way. You put a smaller plant in your aquarium and come back two weeks later and say "Oh my, look how much it has grown".

At the end of the day the quality and beauty is what matters and with Tropica plants that's exactly what you're getting. Simply put, you're getting the best plants in the industry.



Are your plants snail free?

There are two answers for this, yes and no.

Every aquarium plant retailer on earth wishes they could guarantee their plants to be snail free, unfortunately this is impossible to guarantee. We work very hard to remove any snails found in our system or on any plants when they're found but unfortunately these little guys can slip through the cracks from time to time.

We inspect each and every plant prior to shipping to make sure they're as clean as possible. 

If you are worried about the potential of snails we recommend quarantining your plants prior to planting them in your main display tank. If snails do appear in your tank they are completely harmless and can even be an asset to your aquariums ecosystem but we understands they can be unsightly.

The only way to ensure there will never be a threat of snails we recommend Tissue Culture (1-2 GROW) plants. These are young plants that have literally been grown under laboratory conditions and are guaranteed to be snail free.

I've heard Tropica Plants are grown immersed, is this bad?

Absolutely NOT! Growing plants immersed means that the plants are placed in a vary shallow bed of water keeping the roots wet while the plant is exposed to the air. This is the most efficient method to growing plants big, strong, colorful and healthy which provides you with the best possible product.

Here's a great article about Immersed plant production and Tropicas philosophy:

Should I quarantine new plants?

Any time you're adding something new to your display aquarium it's always a good idea to quarantine it prior to adding it. 

Quarantining your new addition will ensure there are no snails, pests or any other contaminates added to your display. We've never heard of any issues with plants that have not been quarantined but again, the safest route is to quarantine ANYTHING new added to your aquarium.


We ship live plants Mondays and Tuesdays. We do not ship plants Wednesday, Thursday or Friday due to USPS Priority Mail being 2-3 day shipping, this would risk plants being stuck in shipping over the weekend prolonging delivery.

Live plants are shipped the next shipping day from when they were ordered. Orders for live plants that are placed Wednesday - Sunday will ship on Monday. 

Plants are shipped with either USPS Priority Mail or UPS, we will determine which service will deliver the package faster and that service will be utilized.

Tracking information will be sent at the time of label creation which in most cases is the day of shipping. Be sure to add to your contacts to ensure the follow up emails do not get placed in your spam folder.

We encourage all customers to monitor the tracking information closely and ensure you have arrangements to have your package brought in out of the elements if you are not home at time of delivery. This is extremely important in the extremely cold or hot months. Our plants are packed and insulated well but a package sitting on a porch in January is doomed no matter how well it's packed. If you are unable to be home for delivery we recommend calling your local post office and request that they hold the package there for pick up. Post offices are climate controlled and will protect packages from extreme weather.

Our plants are packed wrapped in wet paper to keep them damp then placed in plastic bags to ensure they stay hydrated. These bags are then placed in either an insulated pouch or insulated box depending on temperatures. Heat packs or cool packs are included at no extra charge.



We recommend getting your new plants into the water as soon as possible to prevent them from drying out.

When acclimating tissue culture plants, remove the plant from the cup and clean off the gel material from the roots. Once they are cleaned separate into the desired amount of pieces then plant. It's that easy. This is why they call them 1-2 Grow.

When acclimating potted plants it is best to cut the roots that have grown through the pot to ensure they don't rip when removed from the pot. Once the roots are trimmed remove the rock wool from the pot and separate into two halves. Clean off as much of the rock wool as possible (a fork can be used to assist in the removal of the wool).

Once the wool is cleaned off trim the excess roots before planting or attaching. I know this is scary and it took me a while to get use to this but I can assure you this will not kill the plants. We're just removing the excess, not the entire root. This will allow for easier planting and promote new root growth.

Tropica plants are grown immersed which means they are grown with only the roots submerged in water. When the plants are brought into our facility they're also kept immersed. This promotes faster, more healthier growth. Immersed plants are also considerably hardier for shipping since they're not use to being fully submerged in water.

Don't believe the hype you hear about immersed plants having a difficult time converting to submerged. Maybe some plants struggle with this but Tropica plants rarely do. In our experience of planting hundreds of Tropica plants we've had very few experience ill effects after submerging. Those that have bounced back within only a few days or a week.

If you plant your plants in your aquarium and after a couple days notice slight yellowing of the plant do not panic. If your plants have been planted properly and your water is adequately fertilized they'll bounce back very quickly. 

We have had the highest level of success and joy with our personal Tropica plants and we know you will too. Enjoy and welcome to the KGTropicals/Tropica family!!


We guarantee your plants will arrive to you alive and healthy but sometimes things happen such as unforeseen delays due to weather events or mistakes by the Postal Service, in the event one of these delays occur and your plants do not survive transport we will require photographs of the plants in the bag or immediately after it is removed from the bag.

Photos must be submitted within 2 hours of delivery of your plants. If your plants are melted or dead on arrival a replacement plant will be sent on the next plant shipping day or a site credit can be issued at the customers request.