Fritz Catappa Leaves (10 Pack)

Fritz Catappa Leaves (10 Pack)

Fritz Catappa Leaves (10 Pack)

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About Catappa Leaves

The benefits of tannins in aquariums have been widely studied and documented. We can rely on them as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, preventing some infections of fish and fish eggs. Algae growth can be slowed or eliminated, and pest snails and crustacean populations are controlled. Species that prefer low pH and soft water will thrive, showing vibrant colorations and increased spawning behavior.

Catappa leaves are commonly used in the hobby to create blackwater biotope aquariums, as shelter for fish, shrimp, and fry, as well as for their healing properties. They provide shade, sites for bubble nests, spawning sites and hiding places for fry, and food sources for many ornamental shrimp species. Catappa Leaves also add tannins, lower pH, have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, control pest snail populations, and enhance coloration and increase spawning behavior.


Directions & Dosage

Use one leaf per 10 gallons (38L). Add directly to aquarium or pre-soak for faster sinking. Replace when tissue is decomposed or consumed.

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