FUZZ OUT from Fritz

FUZZ OUT  from Fritz

FUZZ OUT from Fritz

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About FuzzOut

FuzzOut helps combat stubborn hair algae in the aquarium. FuzzOut removes all toxins, metals and odors in the water column while simultaneously providing bacteria that oxygenates the water column. FuzzOut also aids in the removal of phosphates and reduces the buildup of algae and organics. FuzzOut cannot be regenerated and should be discarded once the product has been exhausted.

​Turn off circulation and remove by hand all large patches of hair algae. Once completed, return aquarium to full operation. Place one mesh filter bag within a high flow area of your filtration system per 75 gallons (284 L) of water volume. Do NOT Overdose. Product will begin working immediately. For best results remove Fritz FUZZOUT after two weeks of treatment and perform a 20% water change. Using reverse osmosis water is recommended. Repeat treatment if hair algae is still visible.
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