Anubias Congensis (Afzelii)

Anubias Congensis (Afzelii)
Anubias Congensis (Afzelii)
Anubias Congensis (Afzelii)
Anubias Congensis (Afzelii)

Anubias Congensis (Afzelii)

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Anubias afzelii was previously sold incorrectly as Anubias congensis. Anubias afzelii is a great aquarium plant because it is so strong and easy to grow in the aquarium.  Anubias afzelii has wide upright green leaves make it graceful and a good addition to any aquarium. Anubias afzelii and most of the other Anubias varieties are great choices for aquarium plants to use in planted cichlid tanks.

The rhizome must be kept above the substrate surface or it can rot. Only the white roots should be buried. 


Common Name:      Anubias congensis

Family Name:            Araceae

Native To:                  West Africa

Lighting:                     Low - Medium

Requirements:           Easy, beginner plant 

Growth Form:             Rhizome

Growth Rate:              Slow

True Aquatic:              Yes

Placement in Tank:    Mid to Background, depending on tank size 


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