6 in 1 Test Strips (100 Count)

6 in 1 Test Strips (100 Count)

6 in 1 Test Strips (100 Count)

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Testing your aquarium's water parameters regularly is an important part of keeping and maintaining a healthy environment for your fish and invertebrates. Fritz 6-in-1 Test Strips are a fast and efficient way to accurately measure six important parameters in both fresh and saltwater. 

Fritz 6-in-1 Test Strips measures: pH, nitrite, nitrate, alkalinity, general hardness, and chlorine.

Directions & Dosage

  1. Immerse the strip for two seconds and then remove strip from the water. DO NOT shake the excess water off
  2. Compare against the color chart after appropriate time lapse
  3. For pH, GH, KH, and Chlorine tests, wait 15 seconds to read results; for Nitrite and Nitrate, wait 60 seconds to read results

Corrective Actions: 

To raise pH, use Fritz pH Higher or Fritz pH Neutralizer. To lower pH, use Fritz pH Lower or Fritz pH Neutralizer. Always limit any changes in pH to 0.2 units per day when fish are present in the water being treated.

To reduce nitrite: reduce feeding, perform partial water changes, add Fritz Complete water conditioner to neutralize any nitrite present, and add FritzZyme nitrifying bacteria.

In new aquariums, the nitrogen cycle commonly stalls when phosphate is limited and nitrite stop being converted to nitrate. If nitrite levels do not reduce, check the phosphate level with a Fritz Phosphate Test Kit. Typically, the addition of a phosphate supplement, phosphate-rich fish foods, or a water change with dechlorinated tap water will allow nitrifying bacteria to resume conversion of nitrite to nitrate.

To reduce nitrate: perform partial water changes, add MaxOut or MaxOut pro all-in-one filter media, add FritzZyme Turbo Clean natural organic sludge remover.

To increase the KH of your water, add Fritz pH Higher. For a more significant KH increase for African cichlid systems, add Fritz Rift Lake Cichlid Buffer as needed. Fritz recommends a minimum of 4 dKH (80 ppm) for nitrification when using FritzZyme 7 or FritzZyme Turbo Start 700 bacteria. 

To decrease the KH of your water, add Fritz pH Lower, or perform partial water changes.

To raise GH, use Fritz RO Recharge or Rift Lake Cichlid Salt as needed to adjust the GH to your preferred level.

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