Seachem NutriDiet Discus Flakes

Seachem NutriDiet Discus Flakes
Seachem NutriDiet Discus Flakes

Seachem NutriDiet Discus Flakes

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NutriDiet® Discus Flakes is a premium and nutritionally balanced diet formulated to meet the requirements of all discus. It contains only the highest quality ingredients including fish, squid, and earthworms. As with all of the Seachem NutriDiets, Discus Flakes have Chlorella Algae as an exceptional source of a broad range of vitamins, amino acids as well as all other nutrients required for animal life. Chlorella Algae is considered a potential super food that far surpasses the nutrients delivered by Spirulina Algae common to other diets. Additionally, Discus Flakes contain GarlicGuard™ as an appetite stimulant.

Vitamin C allows for enhanced immune function and collagen production and thereby tissue repair and growth. Natural color enhancers assist in making the most of the potential color of any discus.

Discus Flakes also contain probiotics which helps the digestive system of fish and inverts by promoting nutrient uptake, reducing waste, and supporting the immune system.


It is an attractive food source because, and has been deemed a “Super-Food” as it is high in protein and other essential nutrients. When dried; it is about 45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carbohydrate, 5% fiber, and abundant in minerals and vitamins and satisfies all of the requirements of a healthy and balanced fish diet as established by the National Academy of Sciences. It is the highest-known source of chlorophyll. While these are all beneficial, the greatest value of chlorella lies in a fascinating ingredient called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). CGF is a water soluble nucleotide-peptide complex found only in chlorella. It is responsible for the rapid rate of growth of the alga. Experiments with microorganisms and animals have shown that CGF promotes faster than normal growth without adverse side effects by naturally catalyzing the DNA to RNA to protein conversion. It stimulates tissue repair and protects cells against some toxic by-products of rapid growth. The process used in preparing Seachem chlorella products has been specially designed to maximize the CGF content retained in the final product. The effects of CFG are only observed in algae whose cell walls have been perforated, as the wall is composed of material that cannot be readily digested. The Seachem protocol breaks open the cell wall, allowing the cell contents to be fully available for digestion.


Probiotics are microorganisms that when consumed, confer several health benefits. We use these ingredients to allow all of the NutriDiets® to be much more digestible with the use of less energy by the fish. This also means that the foods are more completely digested. This maximizes nutrient uptake while at the same time reducing waste into the system. Maximized nutrient uptake also enhances immune function.


Seachem’s garlic-based product is added to all of the NutriDiet® flakes to enhance palatability with all fish.

Garlic has a high vitamin C content. Garlic also affords the sulfur-containing compounds alliin, ajoene, diallyl polysulfides, vinyldithiins, and S-allylcysteine. Furthermore, it contains a phytoalexin (allixin). In addition, garlic has substantial amounts of beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, manganese and selenium.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a cofactor in the processes necessary for the formation of connective tissue, scar tissue in wound repair, and bone matrix. Vitamin C is difficult for fish to acquire in natural diets but is critical in addressing healing and growth issues in many fish. Vitamin C also allows for enhanced immune function.


We're very sorry but unfortunately we're unable to ship fish outside of the United States. 

Shipping Polices

- / KGTropicals ships live fish every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We only ship these days to protect against delays in shipping. If we ship on a Thursday and there is a delay your fish would not arrive to your home until the following week. We pack our fish well but allowing them to be in the box 5-6 days is simply too risky.

- Fish can be sent on a Thursday for delivery on Friday ONLY if "Next day Air" through UPS or "Priority Express" through USPS is selected at checkout.

- Tracking information will be sent to the customer when the shipping label is created and we recommend monitoring this closely so as to ensure you will be available to receive the package when it is delivered. Most issues with shipping live fish occur from the delivery being made early in the day and the package is left at the front door all day exposed to the elements. Be sure you are available to receive the package to ensure the safety of your new pet.

- Certain shipping days can be requested but we can not guarantee the date of arrival unless "Next day Air" through UPS or "Priority Express" through USPS is selected at checkout.

- We require 2 days before we are able to ship the fish to allow time to fast the fish prior to being packed. This means if you order on Friday your fish will be shipped the following Monday. If a fish is ordered on Sunday it will ship Wednesday. If you order on Sunday but you don't wish for the fish to be sent that Wednesday we can delay the shipment to the following Monday upon request. Simply drop a comment in the notes at checkout or email us at

- Our priority is the health and safety of the fish and for this reason we may chose to send your fish with a different shipper than requested. Reasons we would do this is faster delivery times or higher reliability for certain areas. Example: Sometimes the customer will pay for UPS but when the label is created the UPS system says it will take 2 days to get to the customer but The USPS system says it will be 1 day. We reserve this right to make this switch to ensure the safety and quick delivery of your fish.

Things to consider prior to placing your order:

- When it comes to shipping live fish through the postal service weather is always a concern. Most serious weather can easily be avoided simply by paying close attention to your local weather forecast. If the forecast calls for a foot of snow in 2 days it might not be a good idea to order your fish now. If you order a fish and then discover there is bad weather expected we'll do our best to help, simply email us at and alert us to the situation, we can delay shipping until the weather is clear.

- is not a fish storage facility. Please do not order fish knowing there is forecasted bad weather but you wanted to make sure someone else didn't get the fish before you. will delay shipping for up to 7 days if emergencies occur. 

Selecting the correct shipping service: 

- offers multiple levels of shipping your new fish. You will have the option at check out to choose one of the following services:

USPS Priority 1-3 day:

This is the most economical option for shipping fish however it is the most unreliable. Many states (particularly near Virginia) will ship in one day making this a great option for customers on the east coast however, take caution using this service. Remember, delays in shipping happen, if you choose the most economical option you increase the chances of something going wrong.

USPS Priority Express (Recommended) 1-2 day:

This is the most reliable service from the US Postal Service, however it's also the most expensive. Almost all states will ship in one day using Priority Express. The extra expense is certainly worth the peace of mind knowing the journey will be quick and easy for your new pet. This is the best USPS service particularly in the extreme weather months, winter AND summer.

UPS Next Day Air (Recommended) 1 Business Day (Weekends not included):

This is the most reliable service from the UPS, however it's also the most expensive. All states will ship in one day using UPS next day air. The extra expense is certainly worth the peace of mind knowing the journey will be quick and easy for your new pet. This is the best UPS service particularly in the extreme weather months, winter AND summer. Weekend deliveries are not guaranteed.

UPS Next Day Air Saver (Recommended) 1 Business Day (Weekends not included):

This service is not available in all areas but if it is available it is a great way to get the reliability of next day air while saving a few dollars.

- The system will tell you the expected amount of days it will take for your package to be delivered, pay close attention to this and make the best decision for your new pet.

- We understand that the rates are very expensive for some customers particularly those that live on the west coast. We can assure you we receive some of the best rates from these two services, some are upwards of 60% off the normal shipping costs. These discounts are passed on to you,  does not set these rates, these are rates determined by the shipper, unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it.

How we ship our fish: / KGTropicals is committed to ensuring your new pet arrives to you not only alive but also happy and healthy. Years of shipping live fish through the postal system has taught us the most efficient way to treat, pack and ship the fish to ensure a successful delivery. Here's our process:

1. When a fish is sold that fish is fasted for 2 days prior to shipping to ensure minimal evacuation in the bag during transit.

2. The fish is packaged in new, clean water that is free of contamination and treated to prevent ammonia build up during shipping.

3. The fish are double bagged and placed in the box securely to prevent movement during shipping.

4. The fish are shipped in an insulated box with a heat pack to maintain temperature during shipping.

Receiving your fish:

- When receiving live fish in the mail it is very normal for customers to panic and believe that they need to skip all of the processes and get the fish out of the bag as soon as possible. While we understand this panic we can assure you your fish are going to be fine. It's best to slow down, be prepared and take your time to introduce your new fish into its new home.

- Things to have on hand when receiving your fish.

1. A bucket or large bowl

2. A fish net

3. A knife to open the box

- Slowly cut the box open ensuring that you do not cut deep enough to cut through the foam insulation. Just cut enough to cut the tape.

- Slowly remove the fish bag containing the fish and inspect the fish. Do not panic if the fish appears to be shy or unhappy, he/she has been in a small dark place for 24 to 48 hours, can you blame him/her? Also don't be surprised if the fish is happy and excited, you would be too if you hadn't seen light in a while.

- Float the fish bag at the surface of your aquarium with the lights off so as to not overwhelm the fish. Allow the bag to float on the surface for 20-30 minutes to allow the temperature of the water in the bag to reach the same level as your aquarium.

- DO NOT DRIP ACCLIMATE YOUR NEW FISH. Drip acclimation causes sever PH swings that can stress the fish to the point of death.

- After 20-30 minutes remove the bag from the aquarium and carefully cut the top of the bag or remove the rubber bands and open the bag.

- Place your fish net above the bucket or bowl and pour the water/fish through the fish net allowing the water to flow through the net and into the bucket and the net to catch the fish. If you're using a small net you may need help with this. If your net is small enough it is perfectly acceptable to put the net into the bag to catch the fish be we find it's easier to just pour the bag through the net.

- Don't be alarmed if there is a strong odor from the bag, this small bag of water has been the fishes toilet for the trip. Also because of this you will NOT want to pour the water from the bag into your aquarium.

- Cover the top of the net with your hand and slowly place the fish into the aquarium and allow the fish to swim out of the net on his/her own, do not force this, do not use your fingers to push the fish out of the net. He/she will come out, he/she might just need a second to adjust.

- Do not panic if the fish goes to the bottom of the aquarium and hides, he/she might need a little time to adjust. Shyness and heavy breathing are expected due to stress from transport and introduction into the new home. Most fish will be fine right out of the bag, some may need time to adjust.

- Enjoy your new pet!

Our Guarantee

- Your new fish will be delivered to you alive guaranteed, there are only a few exceptions to this. Our guarantee only applies to "Next Day Air" or "Next Day Air Saver" through UPS or "Priority Mail" through the USPS ONLY IF THE SHIPMENT IS 2 DAYS. When you are in the "Shipping" section at check out the system will tell you the days it will take for the package to arrive to your home. If the system states "2 days" or less we guarantee live arrival. IF THE SYSTEM STATES "3 DAYS" WE WILL NOT GUARANTEE LIVE ARIVAL. 

Dead On Arrival Policy

I wish I could tell you that there’s never been a fish that didn’t survive the trip to a customer but unfortunately I’d be lying, it’s very rare but it happens. We atkeepfishkeeping.comgo to great lengths to ensure your new pet has a safe trip but if the unthinkable happens we’ll take care of you, as long as the following procedures are followed.keepfishkeeping.commust be contacted within 1 hour of the shipment being delivered. This will be verified using the tracking information. If your package was delivered at 10 AM but you didn’t get home and unbox the fish until 5 PM we can not issue credits. The fish must be received and acclimated to their new aquarium as soon as possible from the delivery.If the box is opened and the fish is DOA the customer is to take a photo of the dead fish in the bag and email it tokeepfishkeeping@gmail.comwithin 2 hours of the delivery.keepfishkeeping.comhas no control over the quality of water in your aquarium and it is because of this that we’re unable to warranty the fish after it enters your aquarium.If a fish is DOA and a photo of the deceased fish is sent tokeepfishkeeping@gmail.comwithin 2 hours of delivery a credit will be issued to the customer for the cost of the fish.Shipping costs are not credited or refunded.The credit can be used to purchase another fish or any other products offered onkeepfishkeeping.combut it will be the customers responsibility to pay the shipping costs on the follow up order.

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