Bacopa Monnieri 'Moneywort'

Bacopa Monnieri &
Bacopa Monnieri &
Bacopa Monnieri &

Bacopa Monnieri 'Moneywort'

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Bacopa monnieri is a very undemanding aquatic plant and makes a great choice for beginners.  Moneywort, as it is known by its common name has small, round, green leaves that help to add a different texture in the aquarium.  Use Bacopa monnieri as a background plant in a smaller tank or keep some stems trimmed back in the midground area of the larger planted aquarium.  It does equally well in warm or cool water aquariums.  Remember when you trim the stem plants in your aquarium, the cuttings can be replanted to make additional clusters.  Bacopa monnieri is also a native aquatic plant to the United States that can be used in settings ranging from water garden borders to fully submerged aquariums.


Common Name:      Moneywort

Family Name:            Scrophulariaceae

Native To:                  Widely distributed in tropical and sub-tropical areas world-wide

Lighting:                    Medium to high

Requirements:           Undemanding           

Growth Form:             Stem plant

Growth Rate:              Fast

True Aquatic:              Yes

Placement in Tank:    Mid-background


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